3 units 40ft Flatbed Semi Trailers to Abidjan


SUPREME TRAILER is a Chinese top manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of Semi Trialers, such as Lowbed Semi Trailer, Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer, Rear Dump Semi Trailer, Flatbed Semi Trailer, ect. With more than 15 years’ developing process, we have help hundreds of customers earn more money and build a better life through offering durable quality trailers and trucks to them with very reasonable prices.

Mr Alberto placed us an order of three units flatbed semi trailers on January 15, 2022, who is operating an transporting company with more than 20 units trucks and trailers in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire. He has followed our Whatsapp for more than 2 years and decided to try Chinese SUPREME flatbed trailers after observing us for a long time on our daily updated posts. And he arranged the balance within 2 days after checking all the pictures and videos we sent him of these three flatbed trailers. We estimate that these trailers would arrive at Abidjan in about 50 days and would help him a lot with durable quality and excellent running parts which we proposed for him.


Competitive prices: Factory price, controlled quality and very reasonable in the market. SUPREME TRIALER is a China top trailer manufacturer.
Quality Axles suspensions and Brake system: BPW, FUWA worldwide best axles working with WABCO brake valve, more effectively brake for safety and save tire cost. Fix quality springs and suspensions, support longer service life, save maintaining cost.

Automatic welding: Submerged arc Automatic welding construction, Key point reinforces and purposeful welding avoid some parts easier lose welding according experience support vehicle longer time working without repairing.

 Experienced sales team and logistics team: Experienced sales team are at your service all the time and offer excellent services, professional logistics team work with international shipping company such as MSK & Hyundai to ship your trailers safely and cost-efficiently.