Safety protection devices and measures of Petrol Oil Tanker Semi Trailers


Petrol Oil Tanker Semi Trailers

Oil tanker trailers are dangerous goods transporting vehicles. Therefore, when operating petrol tanker trailers, you should strictly follow the operating specifications. We often see many Crude Petrol Oil Tanker Semi Trailers on the road, with a long iron chain dragging at fule tanker trailers' tails, making a clanging sound. Have you ever wondered why this is? Let's learn more about it together.

Why do Fuel Tanker Semi Trailers drag iron chains on the road? 
This iron chain is the ground wire of the fuel tanker trailer. The fuel tanker trailer is generally filled with oil, which is a dry liquid. When the diesel fuel truck starts, the oil churning in the tanker will cause the oil to collide and rub against the body of the fuel tanker, which will make the oil tanker electrified and generate static electricity. The accumulation of static electricity may cause the tanker trailer to fire or explode. To transfer the above static electricity into the ground and ensure the safety of the transporting, an iron chain or conductive rubber strip is drawn from the tanker at the rear of the vehicle, which can be suspended and dragged to the road to ensure that the static electricity in the tanker can be distracted to the ground.
Tires of Petrol Oil Tanker Semi Trailers are rubber materials, which are insulators. And the electric charge generated in the oil tanker cannot be transmitted to the ground through tires. Then the electric charge will accumulate, and sometimes even sparks will occur. In the presence of sparks, gasoline can easily explode. To prevent this danger, the iron chain dragged behind the Crude Petrol Tanker Semi Trailer is used as a conductive tool, so that the generated electric charge cannot be accumulated.
As for the use of the iron chain, there are further requirements. It cannot be casually wound on the frame of the Oil Tanker Trailer, the iron chain must be placed on the ground, and the mopping section must not be less than 50 cm.
Petrol Oil Tanker Semi Trailers
Safety protection devices and measures of Fuel Oil Tanker Semi Trailers:
1. Special storage sheds should be set up for the oil tanker trailers, which should be kept away from fire sources. And obvious fire prohibition signs and fire extinguishing equipment should be set up in or near the sheds.
2. When driving Fuel Tanker Semi Trailers on the road, the drivers should control a safe speed, avoid other vehicles, choose safe driving routes, and try to avoid construction sites with open flames. When transporting oil in the rainy season, oil tanker trailers must keep away from electrical equipment, such as high-voltage lines and transformers that are prone to sparks.
3. Do a good job of safety protection in special seasons. In summer, sun protection measures should be taken on the fulfilled tanker trailers, and high-pressure valves and safety protection valves should be checked frequently to ensure effective use. In winter, when the oil pipelines and valves are solidified or frozen, it is forbidden to bake and thaw with an open flame.
4. After the tanker is refueled, the operator should check the valves and interfaces of all parts to avoid running, dripping and leaking and lock the fuel dispenser to guarantee safety.

5. The oil tanker semi trailer should have a special responsible person to control. Without his permission, it is not allowed to use or operate the oil tanker trailer.

Petrol Oil Tanker Semi Trailers

6. Tanker refuelers must undergo special training, have a certain common sense of fire protection, have a strong sense of responsibility, and have good professional ethics. And he should conscientiously implement the "three inspections per day" system to keep fuel tanker semi trailers clean and in good condition.
7. Before refueling, besides performing routine inspections according to the prescribed requirements, the joints, valves, high-pressure protection valves, oil pipes, refueling guns and other parts of the oil storage tanker should also be inspected to confirm that all parts are normal and effective before starting to use.
8. When refueling, you should pay attention to the working pressure of the booster pump at any time to avoid the occurrence of oil leakage caused by the collapse of the oil pipeline of the tanker due to overpressure.
9. Refuelers are not allowed to smoke during refueling operations, and smoking personnel is strictly prohibited from approaching. Open flames are prohibited within 5 meters around the oil tanker semi trailer.

10. During the operation of the Carbon Diesel Oil Tanker Semi Trailer for Sale, once the diesel leakage occurs, the leakage part should be checked immediately and emergency treatment should be carried out. At the same time, clean up the leaked diesel oil and avoid open flames from approaching a fire. After an emergency occurs, we should inspect every parts of the diesel oil tanker semi trailer. And the normal operations can only be carried out after the hidden dangers are eliminated.