4 Units HOWO 371HP Dump Trucks exported to Ghana


4 Units HOWO 371HP Dump Trucks

These 4 units HOWO 10 wheels 6X4 371hp Dumper Trucks were finished on February 28 within 25 days after our customer’s deposit arriving at our company account. The Ghana customer felt very satisfied when he reviewed all the pictures and videos which we sent. And he can’t wait to see his nice outlooking and good quality SINOTRUK HOWO dumper trucks. Then we arranged the shipment at the reasonable ocean freight urgently in order to help our customer to earn money as soon as possible.

SINOTRUK HOWO 371/420HP 10 wheels dump truck is mainly used to transport sand, gravel, coal and other materials in the mining area and Construction sector, rely on adapting to complex and changeable road conditions and convenience of loading and unloading bulk granular items.

Because of its high transportation efficiency and heavy carrying capacity, SINOTRUK HOWO 371/420HP 10 wheels dump trucks are playing very important roles in one country’s economic developments. So far, SUPREME TRAILER has exported about 200 units HOWO 371HP or 420HP dump trucks to many countries, like Mali, Ghana, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Benin, Philippines, Zimbabwe and so on.

4 Units HOWO 371HP Dump Trucks

Tips of using SINOTRUK HOWO 371/420HP 10 wheels dump trucks:

What should you pay attention to when you are driving?

Don't be too violent when the dump truck starts, and pay attention to the dead corners when driving. Do not force the gear shift coordination (the combination of rotational speed and vehicle speed), and the chassis power take-off must stop when the vehicle is running. The manual operation valve must be in the stop position. It is strictly forbidden to operate the manual operation valve to the lifting and lowering positions. The goods in the carriage are evenly distributed, and do not exercise or dump with serious eccentric loads.

What should you pay attention to when you are unloading?

Before unloading the dump truck, be sure to confirm that there are no people on the sides and rear of the vehicle, and often check whether the lifting limit device is in good condition, and pay attention to making the vehicle stand steady during the unloading process. In addition, when the carriage is lifted, the engine speed should be controlled within 2000r/min, especially after the carriage is lifted to 40°, do not increase the accelerator, so as not to damage the limit valve and other parts.

What should you pay attention to after your unloading?

Some drivers are very sloppy. After the dump truck unloads the material, they drive the truck away without waiting for the cargo box and the chassis frame to close, resulting in the rear heavy and the front light, which is likely to cause a rollover. Therefore, you must be more careful during the whole process of unloading and driving away, and cautions make long terms benefits.