Structures and Working Principles of Powder Tank Semi-trailer


Cement bulk tanker trailer, whose full name is the powder material transporter semi trailer. China LUCKIN powder tanker semi trailer is suitable for the bulk transportation of powder and dry materials such as fly ash, cement, lime powder, ore powder, granular alkali and other particles whose diameter is not greater than 0.1mm.

Powder Tank Semi-trailer

3 Axles 40CBM Cement Powder Bulk Tanker Trailer

Structures of SUPREME Powder Cement Tank Semi-trailer

The structure of the powder tanker is still relatively complex, which can be roughly divided into two parts: the chassis of the car and the special device for bulk transportation of powder particles: the chassis of the car is the bottom of the car, and the special device for bulk transportation of powder particles mainly includes four parts, additional transmission system, tank assembly, pipeline System and accessories.

1. Additional transmission system: mainly includes power take-off, additional transmission shaft, air compressor and other components.

2. Tank assembly: that is, the main body of the powder tanker, which is used to load powder. The tank can be divided into three cabins and double cabins according to the number of cabins, and there are round, oval, square and other shapes.

The tank body is mainly composed of head, cylinder, manhole cover and fluidization device.

3. Pipeline system: including air intake pipeline, secondary blowing auxiliary pipeline, discharge pipeline, external air source, pressure relief valve, etc.

4. Auxiliary devices: including side protection, rear protection, wheel placement, ladders, etc.

 Powder Tank Semi-trailer

3 Axles 35CBM Cement Powder Bulk Tanker Trailer

Working Principles of Powder Tank Semi-trailer

The powder tanker mainly uses the fluidization characteristics of powder to realize unloading. Powder fluidization refers to: when the gas enters the powder layer from the lower part of the container, if the gas flow rate exceeds a fixed value (0.015m/s for cement), The friction between the gas and the powder is equal to the weight of the powder, and the powder is no longer supported by the fluidized bed. At this time, they can move freely and flow from high to low, keeping the upper plane of the powder layer horizontal. , similar to liquid properties. The specific working principle is:

The power of the powder tanker engine is transmitted to the air compressor through the power take-off, transmission shaft and other mobile devices. The compressed air generated by the air compressor enters the tank body, and the powder material is liquefied through the liquefaction device. The pressure difference generated inside and outside the tank , the powder and granular materials are transported to the designated position along the discharge pipeline together with the air.