Matters Needing Attention during Operation of Rear Dump Semi-trailer


Rear Dump Semi-trailer

3 axles U shape Rear Tipper Semi Trailer

SUPREME Rear Dump Semi-Trailer is a trailer with automatic dumping device in the cargo part, which is suitable for the transportation of bulk and scattered goods such as coal, ores, and construction materials. SUPREME rear dump semi trailers can effectively improve the transportation efficiency of the loader and unloader to transport bulk and scattered goods.

Nowadays, SUPREME U SHAPE and rectangle 3/4/5 axles rear dump tipper trailers are becoming more and more popular in African market, with high strength, strong lifting force, good rigidity and toughness, strong bearing capacity and no permanent deformation.

 Rear Dump Semi-trailerRear Dump Semi-trailer

                                                         4  axles U shape Rear Tipper Semi Trailer                                                                                             5 axles 45CBM U shape Rear Tipper Semi Trailer

So we list what you should pay attention to when you are operating SUPREME Rear Dump Tipper Semi Trailers as below:

1. SUPREME end dump semi-trailer should keep the jacking hydraulic system intact, work smoothly, operate flexibly, and there should be no jamming phenomenon.

2. When loading and unloading materials, obey the command, and do not load and unload materials outside the designated place. It is strictly forbidden to carry people in the carriage.

3. When loading and unloading with digging machinery, the handbrake should be tightened after the dump truck is in place. When the bucket must go over the cab, no one should stay in the cab.

4. When loading the material, the driver should remind not to load the deviation. When the material is loaded, the speed should be slowed down during driving to prevent the car from overturning.

5. Before unloading, pay attention that there should be no wires, obstacles and people around the car above the carriage. When unloading, the vehicle must be stopped steadily.

6. When the carriage will rise to the top, the engine speed should be reduced to prevent the carriage from vibrating, and it is forbidden to drive while unloading.

7. When unloading materials to the foundation potholes, an appropriate safety distance should be maintained from the edge of the pit to prevent the Rear Tipper Semi Trailer from overturning due to the collapse of the edge of the pit.

8. Do not unload on uneven, soft or inclined ground to prevent overturning.

9. After unloading, the car should be slightly left from the unloading position, so that the carriage can be reset in time and the dumping lever can be locked before driving away. Ban on lifting semi-trailers

10. When there is clay attached to the carriage, it should be removed in time to prevent the car from overturning when it is thickened and lifted. It is forbidden to shake the residual material with sudden braking.

11. When it is necessary to lift the carriage for maintenance, cleaning and lubrication, etc., the carriage should be supported by supporting wood, and it is forbidden to operate only by hydraulic locking.

12. For non-jacking operations, the jacking lever should be placed in the neutral position, and the fixing pin of the carriage must be pulled out before jacking.