20 units 4 Axles 100 tons Rear Dump Semi Trailers Exported to Nigeria


4/5 axles Heavy duty tipper dump trailers are playing more and more roles in west Africa countries, such like Nigeria, Cote d 'Ivoire, Guinea, Ghana and ect.

 20 units 4 Axles 100 tons Rear Dump Semi Trailers

This customer from Nigeria customized 20units 4 Axles Rear Dump Semi Trailers from Supreme Trailer, who has purchased flatbed semi trailers from us two years ago. When he saw our post on whatsapp, he came to discuss with us about 4 axles rear tipper semi trailer. We offered him the drawing draft of 4 axles 100 tons rear dump semi trailer according to our discussions and negotiations between us for about 1 month.


After confirmation about the draft, this good friend arranged the deposit rapidly and asked us to produce as soon as possible with satisfications. And he said that he would place another order of 4 axles 100T rear tipper semi trailers if his people like these trailers soon.

 20 units 4 Axles 100 tons Rear Dump Semi Trailers

4 axles 100T rear dump semi trailer for Nigeria

SUPREME TRAILER supply 4 Axles U Shape Rear Dump Semi Trailer for Nigeria, also known as dump semi-trailer, which is normally used to transport unpacked and bulk goods, such as coal, ore, sand and construction materials and etc. We support designing and production according to customers’ different needs, such as sizes, axles, suspensions, box types and capacity.

  20 units 4 Axles 100 tons Rear Dump Semi Trailers

4 axles 100T rear dump semi trailer for Nigeria

Maintenance Specifications for Tipper Trailer Hydraulic Lifting System

1. The new hydraulic 4 axle tipper trailer should be slowly raised during the running-in period. In principle, we should control the engine speed at about 1000 rpm, and it should not exceed 1500 rpm after the running-in period.

2. The upper and lower brackets of the oil cylinder need to be filled with grease (butter) in time. It is recommended that the oil cylinder be filled with grease once every 120 times or 15 days. After a long period of non-use, you need to refill the grease once again.

3. Check the oil return filter element and air filter element inside the hydraulic oil tank for debris clogged and cleaned every half month, and replace the hydraulic oil tank return filter element and air filter element every six months.

4. Check the hydraulic oil for discoloration or deterioration every week. If there is any discoloration or deterioration, replace the hydraulic oil in time. Change the oil according to different regions and seasons. Generally, it is more appropriate to change the oil in April and October. When you find that the fuel is insufficient, you should add it in time.

5. The high-pressure oil pipe must be replaced every two years. In daily maintenance, if you find that the hose is leaking, damaged or partially swollen or cracked, you should replace it in time.

6. Due to the existence of impurities such as iron filings in the hydraulic system during the running-in of the 4 axle tipper trailer, when the 4 axle tipper trailer is lifted about 300 times, we should replace the hydraulic oil and clean the hydraulic oil box in time.