Unloading Operation Process of SUPREME Rear Dump Trailer


Tipper trailer, also known as dump trailer, is suitable for transporting bulk goods and unpacked goods, such as coal, ore, sand and construction materials etc. The dumping methods of tipper trailers are divided into backward tilting and side tilting, which can meet the transportation needs of different countries and regions. Nowadays, rear dump trailers are becoming more and more popular in African market because of its end dumping functions and easy operation.

Below are the steps, which would help you to know how to operate SUPREME rear dump trailers:

1.Connect the electrical and gas circuit of head tractor truck and rear dump trailer, then adjust them on the same horizontal line;
2. Start the head tractor. When the pressure reaches 8MPa, step on the clutch and engage in low-speed 3rd gear;
3. Turn on the power take-off switch on the manual lift valve and release the clutch;
4. Push the lifting handle to “举”position, the cylinder starts to lift, then the box starts to unload.
5. After the goods is unloaded clearly, push lifting handle to “降”position;
6. After the box returns to its original position, push lifting handle to "停" position;
7. Step on the clutch, turn off the power take-off switch, and then shift the gear.

SUPREME Rear Dump Trailer

“举” equals to “LIFT”;
“停”equals to “STOP”;
“降”equals to “FALL”。

In civil engineering, rear tipper trailers often work in conjunction with excavators, loaders, belt conveyors and other construction machinery. The dump trailer carriage adopts rear-dump and side -dump self-unloading methods, which improves the efficiency of the bulk cargo transport by the loader. The rear dump semi trailer carriage is inclined at a certain angle, so that the cargo in the carriage is unloaded. The power of the dump truck trailer engine is used to complete the dumping mechanism.