The maintenance of the semi trailer


Check the liquid level of clutch master cylinder of the semi trailer
If the clutch fluid level is between high and low, it means normal. If it is lower than the standard line, the master cylinder or slave cylinder cup may be damaged. It will be difficult or impossible to shift when the engine is running. Please go to the nearest maintenance station for maintenance immediately.


Check the brake fluid level of the semi trailer

If the braking is also between high and low, it means normal. If the brake fluid is close to or lower than the lower limit, it indicates that there may be leakage in the system or excessive wear of brake shoes, and it shall be repaired at the maintenance station in time. When adding brake fluid, pay attention to adding brake fluid of the same model to prevent damage to the leather cup, and pay attention to protect the paint to prevent corrosion of the paint surface.

Check the engine coolant level of the semi trailer
Never open the radiator cap when the engine is hot, otherwise you may be scalded by splashed coolant or high-temperature steam. After the engine is cooled, check that the liquid level of the coolant should be between the full level and the low level, otherwise distilled water or purified water or refrigerant should be added, and the liquid level after adding water should not exceed the full level. If it is found that the coolant decreases rapidly in a short time, check the cooling system for leakage or go to the maintenance station for inspection