The precaution of driving the semi trailer(2)


When driving the semi trailer, be careful not to move the steering wheel, because if the body is relatively large, it may rollover and turn. Be more careful to make as much space as possible, otherwise it is easy to throw people if the tail can't pass

Do not use the method of "leaving first and then braking" to run in the brake(semi trailer). Although this can relatively reduce the impact on the engine when braking, it may cause danger, and it is even worse once you form a habit. Finally, the company reminds you that during the running in period of new cars, you should often check whether the oil, coolant and battery electrolyte are sufficient, and if they are found to be lacking, they must be supplemented in time. After the mileage specified by the manufacturer is reached, the first inspection and maintenance of the vehicle shall be carried out at the service station in time, the oil and filter shall be replaced, and the chassis system shall be comprehensively inspected. The completion of the first warranty means that the trailer has successfully passed the running in period, and can serve you better from now on.(semi trailer)

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