The difference between semi trailer and full trailer


Different from the full trailer, the semi-trailer is a trailer whose axle is placed behind the vehicle center of gravity (when the vehicle is uniformly loaded) and is equipped with a coupling device that can transfer horizontal or vertical force to the tractor. Generally, the full trailer has two axles and the semi-trailer has one axle. Semi trailer refers to a vehicle that has no power and is carried together with the main vehicle and driven by the traction of the main vehicle.

(semi-trailer)Simply put, the full trailer is connected with the truck in front with a hook. The semi-trailer is connected with the traction seat of the tractor through the traction pin. The common container transport vehicle is a typical semi-trailer, and the loading part behind is a semi-trailer.

There are also differences in uses. Full trailers are mainly used for short-distance transportation in factories, ports, docks, warehouses and other sites, while semi trailers are mainly used for long-distance transportation of goods.