You can know more about cement bulk semi trailer here.


You can know more about cement bulk semi trailer here.

cement bulk semi trailer

This design is specially used for the safe transportation of bulk cement, lime powder, coal powder and any other dry powder with a diameter less than 0.1mm.

It is usually used in cement manufacturing plants, construction sites and cement warehouses. With this type of trailer, packaging and unloading costs are greatly reduced. 

Cement can be shipped in bulk or, alternatively, in Kraft paper sacks. Bulk cement presents many advantages over bagged cement. The most obvious advantage is material savings as bulk cement does not use packages as bagged cement does. Another advantage lies in the fact that bagged cement needs to be unloaded from the car one bag after another manually while bulk cement requires minimal manual handling task thereby saving labor cost.

Bulk cement is usually delivered and transported in specially constructed vehicles to cement plant, cement warehouse, or large construction site. To serve this bulk transport purpose, we have designed the bulk cement tank semi trailer, which is now covered by the Chinese utility model patent.

Unique to our semi trailer is the V-shaped tank that allows complete discharge of the cement, with only less than 1% being left in the tank. Its reliable, fully closed design keeps moisture from reaching the contents inside the tank.

Please tell us your desired tank capacity and weight, the variety of materials to be transported, particle size, and density. We can then work out a tanker design drawing in the shortest possible time.

CAD software is used to aid our engineers to design a tank with maximum effective capacity that will save your transportation cost.

Well-known brand OEM parts give durability and attractive looks, saving money on operation and repair cost. Specialized welders are used to weld the tank from only one side but form smooth, sturdy, and uniform welds on both sides. High quality welds ensure no air leak.