What type of semi-trailer?


What type of semi-trailer

A semi-trailer is a kind of trailer, and it is a means of transportation whose front needs to bear part of the weight of the trailer. Its advantages are high stability and large loading capacity, but it has the disadvantage of high requirements on road conditions due to its large turning radius. There are many types of semi-trailers, mainly dumping semi-trailers, low-bed semi-trailers, barn-type semi-trailers, container semi-trailers, tank-type semi-trailers, box-type semi-trailers, oil transport semi-trailers, light semi-trailers, etc. . Let's take a look at the types of semi-trailers.

1. What type of semi-trailer is it?

Terms such as semi-trailer and trailer may be very familiar to professional truck drivers, but ordinary car owners may not know what kind of car it is. Let me briefly introduce it for you.

The so-called semi-trailer refers to a trailer whose axle is placed behind the center of gravity of the vehicle (when the vehicle is evenly loaded) and is equipped with a coupling device that can transmit horizontal and vertical forces to the tractor. The trailer with the weight of the trailer is a heavy-duty means of transportation.

Second, the advantages and disadvantages of semi-trailers

1. Advantages of semi-trailer

The semi-trailer has high stability, can go to high speed, and has a large loading capacity, especially some large cargo can only be pulled by the semi-trailer, and the length of other trailers is not enough.

2. Disadvantages of semi-trailer

The turning radius of the semi-trailer is too large, because the distance between the front of the vehicle and the wheels of the trailer is too long, and the requirements for road conditions are relatively high.