High-Capacity 3 Axles Fuel Tanker Trailer with 4 Compartments: Efficient Transportation for Bulk Fuel


The 3 Axles 40000L 4 Compartments Fuel Tanker Trailer is a robust and high-capacity transportation solution designed specifically for the efficient hauling of bulk fuel. With its three axles, large 40000L capacity, and four separate compartments, this tanker trailer offers enhanced safety, versatility, and convenience for fuel transportation. Here are the key features and benefits of this fuel tanker trailer:

High-Capacity Design: The 40000L capacity of this tanker trailer allows for the transportation of a large volume of fuel, reducing the need for frequent refills and optimizing transport efficiency. The ample capacity ensures fewer trips and maximizes productivity.

Four Compartments: The trailer is divided into four separate compartments, enabling the transportation of different types of fuel or the segregation of fuel grades. This compartmentalization ensures proper storage and delivery of multiple fuel types without cross-contamination.

Durable Construction: The fuel tanker trailer is constructed with durable materials such as high-strength steel or aluminum alloy, providing strength, structural integrity, and resistance to corrosion. The robust construction ensures the safe transportation of fuel over long distances and varying road conditions.

Safety Features: The trailer is equipped with various safety features to ensure secure fuel transportation. These include anti-rollover systems, emergency shut-off valves, pressure relief valves, and fire safety measures. These safety components help prevent accidents and mitigate risks associated with fuel transportation.

Efficient Loading and Unloading: The trailer is designed for efficient loading and unloading operations. Each compartment is equipped with individual manholes, discharge valves, and vapor recovery systems, facilitating convenient and swift fuel transfer processes.

Compliance with Regulations: The fuel tanker trailer meets relevant transportation regulations and standards, ensuring compliance with safety and environmental requirements. It adheres to specifications such as axle load limits, structural stability, braking systems, and lighting requirements, promoting safe and lawful operation.

Customizable Options: The fuel tanker trailer offers customization options to suit specific customer requirements. These include choices for axle configuration, tank material, compartment arrangement, and additional features such as anti-surge baffles or safety accessories.