What's the difference between a semi trailer and a full trailer?


A semi trailer is a trailer with an axle positioned behind the center of gravity of the vehicle (when the vehicle is evenly loaded) and equipped with coupling devices that transfer horizontal and vertical forces to the tractor. Semi-trailer is generally a three-axis semi-trailer, its types are divided into 11 meters of warehouse fence semi trailer, 13 meters of warehouse fence, low plate semi-trailer and many other types. It is a heavy transport vehicle connected to the semi-locomotive by traction pin.

Full hanging flat trailer, also known as full trailer, flat car, flat trailer, trailer, generally inflatable solid tires, low board height, large load. There is no risk of puncture or blowout. Safe, simple and durable. He has no power and needs a tractor or forklift to tow him. Usually consisting of one or more flatbed trucks and a forklift or tractor to carry out plane transportation of goods or large equipment. Widely used in airports, ports, railway stations, factories and large warehouses. Greatly improve the efficiency of cargo transfer. Reduce the cost of forklift and labor.

The difference between semi hung and full trailer is different traction mode, structure and performance. The specific differences are as follows:

1. Different traction modes: the difference between semi trailer and full-trailer is that the traction modes of the two models are different. The load of the whole trailer is fully borne by itself and connected with the tractor through the hook. The tractor is not required to bear the load of the trailer, but is only used to provide traction. The semi-trailer is supported by a tractor and needs to bear the load of the trailer in addition to providing power.

2. The structure is different: the full trailer stands upright by its own tire, and the semi-trailer stands upright by its front leg. Full trailers have front wheels, semi trailers have no front wheels, full trailers have two axles, semi trailers have one axle.

3. Different performance: the stability of the whole trailer at high speed is relatively poor, and the emergency braking ability is relatively poor. On the contrary, the semi-trailer has relatively good high-speed stability and emergency braking ability.