12 Units 3 Axles Fence Cargo Drawbar Trailer to Ethiopia


Luckin 35 Ton Cargo Fence Drawbar Trailer, designed to load poultry or fluffy cargo etc. Load capacities from 35 tons to 45 tons and 50 tons. This drawbar fence trailer has a special design different from the fence cargo semi trailer. The model is flexible and changeable, and turns easily. Just received feedback from our factory. 12 3 axles full trailers for sale, ready to be shipped to Ethiopia. We contacted the customer to sent pictures and videos, and the customer was very satisfied.

Customers find us through the company website. Then communicate the configuration and details with us. The customer knows a lot about the whole trailer, and the communication is convenient. The customer needs a three-axle full trailer to transport bulk cargo. We have also customized trailers for customers before, and many customers have this demand. Customers say we are the most professional manufacturer.