7 units Brand New Fuel Tanker Trailers for Sale in Stock at Low Prices Near You


Tri Axles Feul Tanker Semi Trailer for Sale

LUCKIN VEHICLE has 7 units 45000L Fuel Tanker Semi Trailers in stock, which was produced to transport Diesel oil for our old customer in East-Africa early of this year. He decided to import rear dump semi trailers to transport construction sand, coal and other bulk materials because of his business changing. The customer ordered these 7 units oil tanker trailers based on the popular specifications as blow: 

Tank Body


Double D shape



Total Volume ( m3 )

45 m³


3    15,000L-15,000L-15,000L

Tanker Body Material

5mm, Q345 steel

Front/End Plate

6mm, Q345 steel

Wave board

5mm, Q345 steel

Manhole Cover

3 pcs, 500mm(diameter), Aluminum European type manhole cover

Bottom Valve

3 pcs, 4 inches Aluminum alloy pneumatic subsea valve

Discharging Valve

1 pc, 4 inches Aluminum API outlet

Discharging Pipe

4"/2.5” rubber hose, 2 pcs, 6m/each unit

Cat Walk

On the front of the tank



3 axles, FUWA 13 T

Landing Gear

JOST A300C, double speed type

King Pin

JOST 2.5 or 3.0 inches


Mechanical suspension (America type)

Leaf Spring

90(W)mm×13(Thickness)mm×10layers, 6 units

Pneumatic Braking System

WABCO RE 6 relays valve; Spring braking chambers; two pcs of 45L air tank


9.00-22.5 , 13pcs


12R22.512pcs+1 pc spare tire;




Supplied by a 24 V system according to CE regulations, complete of reflectors, one ISO standard socket of 7 poles, all sets of lights should be equipped on the trailer.


• Spare wheel carrier for one spare wheels with lifting mechanism.

• 2 pcs fire extinguishers, 8kg powder each, with relevant holder.

• 2 pcs earth plate straps for loading-off electrostatic charges.

• 1 pc lockable toolbox, mounted sideways the chassis.

• 2 pcs Rear reflecting panels.

• Rear bumper with rear lights.

• Front ladder for access to the manhole.

• Mudguards covering the rear wheels.

Tri Axles Feul Tanker Semi Trailer for Sale

LUCKIN VEHICLE plans to sell these 7 units 45000L petrol crude oil fuel tanker semi trailer for sale near me in very low prices to our new and old customers who has interest. We could arrange shipment of them as soon as possible (within 10 days after money arrives at our account). Besides, we could also correct or improve these trailers according to your special requirements if you don’t agree on some details, such as the numbers of outlets, axle brand, tire type or other matters as you want.

 Tri Axles Feul Tanker Semi Trailer for Sale

LUCKIN VEHICLE is a professional and top trailer manufacturer and supplier from Chinasuch as lowbed semi trailer, flatbed container trailer, rear dump tipping trailer, petrol oil tanker trailer and other kinds of trailers and semi trailers, also has good relationship with HOWO, SHACMAN, DONGFENG and FAW trucks import & export companies which would help us to get very suitable and reasonable prices for our customers.LUCKIN fuel tanker trailer adopts advanced design concepts. We support customizing oil tanker trailers for sale according to your requests and needs to match the final using in local places. We offer carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum alloy material tanker trailers, which have helped a lot of customers and friends in Africa, like Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Guinea and Congo, Kenya and ect.

Tri Axles Feul Tanker Semi Trailer for Sale

Advantages of LUCKIN Fuel Tanker Semi Trailers

1. With safety devices: Manholes are explosion-proof large covers. Bottom outlets of the tank are equipped with an emergency shut-off valve.

2. The tank body is automatically welded by advanced large-scale special welding machines, which ensure the safety of the tanker and increase the service life.

3. Water filled test equipment Water tank: To ensure the high sealed of tank body and avoid the leaks oil.

4. The waved board reduces the impact of the liquid in the tanker.

5. Advanced painting system and polyurethane paint. Appearance is more beautiful, using life is above 5 years.

6.LUCKIN VEHICLE assemble famous brands parts in our tank trailers, which saves your costs & ensures long-time service of tankers.