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Dumper Truck

HOWO is a well-known brand sold abroad by China National Heavy Duty Truck Group. In recent years, the export volume has been large, and great efforts have been made for the local infrastructure construction. The vehicle needs a wider road, and the length of the vehicle is longer than that of the 6X4 and 4X2 vehicles, which fully reflects the concept of heavy trucks. The design is exquisite, the technology is excellent, and it has the advantages of comfort, safety and reliability, and the electronic level has reached the international level. Low fuel consumption.
The selection of Dumper Truck shall be reported to the manufacturer, and it is better to choose the vehicle transporting iron ore powder. When transporting paving asphalt, the lifting mechanism needs a slow lowering device. HOWO dump truck is a kind of vehicle that can lift and unload goods by hydraulic or mechanical self, also known as dump truck. It is composed of automobile chassis, hydraulic lifting mechanism, cargo compartment and power take-off device. Because the loading carriage can automatically tilt at a certain angle for unloading, the unloading time and labor are greatly saved and the transportation cycle is shortened. It improves the production efficiency and reduces the transportation cost. It is a common special transportation vehicle.
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